Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Technology changes everything

Midtown Manhattan, 1930s, with a superimposed collage of the Rockefeller Center

Home Insurance Building, Chicago, 1887

Delirious New York and Constructing Chicago are two books that I love about cities that have been really marked and defined by technology (this is probably true of all cities, but these two developed so spectacularly that they're good examples).

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Amanda Barnett said...

Your blog is beautiful and informative, Lola. Thanks for sharing all of this great information. I hadn't seen those fantastic Bruna covers before, and I can't wait to check out Delirious New York and Constructing Chicago.

Are you familiar with Roosevelt Island in NYC? It's a little strip of land in the East River, and when it was developed for residential use in the 1970s, a system of pneumatic tubes was installed to dispose of all the trash. Wild!