Friday, September 21, 2007

Maira Kalman

Okay, I'm a little slow today. As I was writing my earlier post about cartoons I thought about Maira Kalman and her great monthly column for the New York Times. At first it was free and then they migrated it, sadly, to TimesSelect (subscription only). This evening I learned that TimesSelect is no more! I hurried over to Kalman's column and discovered that she stopped drawing/writing it in April 2007. Oh, well. At least now I can look through all the ones I missed. Find them here.

From the email that went to TimesSelect subscribers, via The Shifted Librarian:

“Since we launched TimesSelect, the Web has evolved into an increasingly open environment. Readers find more news in a greater number of places and interact with it in more meaningful ways. This decision enhances the free flow of New York Times reporting and analysis around the world. It will enable everyone, everywhere to read our news and opinion - as well as to share it, link to it and comment on it.”

Turns out the Times finally figured out they can make way more money from advertisers than from subscribers. Hooray for the Web. (Just download Adblock Plus for Firefox. There must be equivalents for IE and Safari.) Now The Globe and Mail should follow suit..

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