Friday, September 14, 2007

Mini laptop club

Where's the key for the library?

This is pretty interesting:

A group of kids from one of our local elementary schools has formed a "mini-laptop club." They don't use electronic machines. Instead, these first-, second- and third-graders draw their own laptops on construction paper and pretend to e-mail each other. They dedicate a surprising amount of time to this activity. I once had a chance to examine one of their "keyboards." I was fascinated to learn which Internet functions had sunk into the minds of these kids, who are just getting their first exposure to computers from watching their parents work, and from using kid-friendly sites.

Read more here, from CNET Tech News Blog.


Michele said...

Hey Lola,

What an interesting article.

This club does give us a glimpse into children's computer/internet needs/interests. However, the club also illustrates that no matter how "high tech" society gets, that children love to use their imagination.



Anonymous said...

Interesting article.

librarymann said...

My thought is that without learning the "grammar" of a culture, one cannot easily communicate. hence, the "digital natives" spoken of in class suggest the need for exercises in computer grammar at an early age for one to be adept at communicating in our newly developing digital world. This rudimentary keyboard drawing is the early scribbling I use to do in kindergarten back in the mid-60s.
No wonder I feel insecure in this computer age and today's children seem so comfortable. And they can spell. Peace, Librarymann