Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé's home on The Selby.

It might be time to make some macarons.
This flavor looks good.

Here is the box of macarons I would most like to receive from his shop. It is called Les incontournables de Paris (the 'must sees' of Paris).


karin said...

Ah, he's the one behind these macarons? I've seen them a lot recently all over in the blogs. They look so beautiful and taste great I guess.
The Selby is a wonderful place to visit, don't you think? said...

macaroons are the new cupcakes. love those tear shaped pots hanging on the rail.

lola said...

yes, they are so pretty and fun because you can dye them any colour at all. they taste great if you like almonds and meringue or butter cream.. mmmm.

Dylan said...

AHH! I freakin' love macarons!! I've always wanted to try them. Have you tried them?
I love making them (of course they don't ever look that pretty) But they're totally better than cupcakes since they're precious bite-size delights! me hungry..