Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hergé and Ware

Heureusement, ce titre est l'un de mes favoris.. it isn't in storage et je pouvais prendre des photos d'elle.
(Yes ok, my French is terrible. Letting alone problems of grammar, what is 'storage'?)

Aujourd'hui, ici à Toronto, nous sommes au milieu..

..d'une tempête de neige nous-mêmes.

Pauvre Milou hurle à la mort..

..parce que son maître est tombé dans la crevasse.

PBS interviews Chris Ware:

P.O.V.: Hergé underwent a period of despair and anxiety during which he suffered recurring nightmares filled with whiteness — certainly iconic dreams for a cartoonist! Eventually, after psychoanalysis, he emerged with a new direction: Tintin in Tibet, with its stark alpine landscapes and minimalist cast and story, was a major departure for Hergé. Do you have periods when you lose faith in your work? How have you handled them? What do you feel is your greatest creative or artistic accomplishment?

Chris: I lose faith every time I have to start a new page, and this is no joke.

Click on the photo; it's probably worth seeing in
greater detail

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