Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bookhouse and Chad & Miller

This would make a nice bedside table. From David Restorick's Flickr set.

The assignment:

Overall Chad and Miller are convincing in their assertions that users, accustomed to the level of service provided by Amazon and other Web 2.0 businesses, expect the same ease of access from libraries, and they provide four solid examples of how libraries can shift into the Library 2.0 model. They fail to acknowledge and evaluate non-technological aspects of Library 2.0. They also err by omitting sources citing actual library use, and some of their authority is compromised by their corporate relationship with Talis. Despite the fact that the authors have a pro-technology agenda, the article defines Web and Library 2.0 well, and describes intelligent ways that libraries can use technology to better serve their patrons.

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Nathaniel said...

Wasn't it interesting that in this whole paper on libraries, they mention librarians once ... and only in passing?